Monday, June 10, 2013

Closet Purge the Easy Way

Here is my new method of purging clothes:

Try on all the pants.
Get rid of the pants that hurt

Put on the most unflattering pair of pants I'm keeping (mine are heather yoga pants - cute under a tunic, but otherwise not so much.)

Try on all the shirts
Get rid of the shirts that don't make the yoga pants look good
Get rid of the shirts that need more than 2 safety pins to stay together
Get rid of the shirts that make too much noise
Get rid of the shirts that make me look like a hepatitis patient
Get rid of the shirts that hurt

Here is the other trick I used: 

Put the things I look fabulous in the Yes pile. 
Put the stuff I can't even get over my head in the No pile. 
Everything else in the Maybe pile. 
Put the Yes clothes away
Put the Maybe clothes in the No pile
Put the No clothes in the donation bag
Don't look back.


Saturday, June 1, 2013

Adventures in Hypochondria

I got an email today and thought, "Oh dear lord, what fresh hell is this?". One repeated word was slightly - and I mean VERY lightly - highlighted. Just enough to look like spots in my vision. 

I was sure the macular degeneration had started and I was going blind right then and there or maybe I was stroking out or having super speed growing eyeball tumors. My kid read the email and reassured me that it really was just highlighted text and I didn't need to be airlifted to the emergency room anytime soon.

Also, I promise not to "inbite" friends, singing or not.