Saturday, January 4, 2014

Easy Catbox Sifter

Keeping catboxes clean got much easier this year with my homemade catbox sifter!

You will need:
A plastic colander 
A bucket
A sharp utility knife

Take an ordinary cheap plastic colander (I got mine at the dollar store).  

The holes are too small for the litter to sift through so you will need to enlarge the holes with the utility knife. Use a new blade and go slowly. The plastic will cut more easily than you think, but you have to use a little pressure so there is potential for injury if you aren't careful.

You will end up with giant nail clippings on the floor. They are not good for kitties, so clean them up right away.

Put the sifter in the bucket

Pour the dirty litter into the sifter. The clean litter will fall in the bucket, leaving the clumps behind.

Dump the yucky stuff into  a bag

Pour the clean litter into the pan and you're good to go!

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