Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Granddaddy's Fiddle: Jane Rothfield Plays "Home with the Girls in the Mo...

Jane Rothfield takes a turn on my great-great-grandfather's old-time civil-war era fiddle. My brother had it restored after many years in storage and now I'd like to hear it played. It was "found in a tree where it was left by a slave" according to family legend, which I'm pretty sure that's gg-grandfather code for "I bought something and I don't want to tell my wife how much I paid for it". Fiddle lore says the rattlesnake rattle inside makes it sound extra good and keeps the spiders away!

Any fiddlers want to help with my video project? I'm starting to bring this piece of family history back to life by recording people playing their favorite tunes on Granddaddy's Fiddle. Who's next?!

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