Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Software for Sarah - GoFundMe

Volunteering for community activities is incredibly rewarding and I love being able to donate my skills to my favorite groups. Occasionally, though, we have to ask those groups to support the volunteers, so that the burden of  expense is shared around. I'm in the nail-bitey position of asking for help with the purchase of some rather expensive software so I can continue doing some of the volunteer publishing work I've been doing. It's scary asking for help, but I clearly belong to a generous and giving community because I raised almost a quarter of what I need in just one day. 

Here is my first highlighted project:

Tuneadelphia! was one of my favorite editing, layout and design  projects. I compiled original tunes, illustrations and stories by  members of our open band SPUDs as a fundraiser for the group. I was also able to make T-Shirts featuring the cover illustration that were as popular than the book itself. We cleared over $1500 that went directly to supporting workshops and resources for our local musicians. Having  access to great software made this project manageable and fun.

Software for Sarah by Sarah Gowan - GoFundMe

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