Saturday, September 2, 2017

She's Really Let Her Self Go

“She’s really let herself go”, they laughed-whispered, 
Delight fighting revulsion,
Fingers crossed against misfortune.

“Why yes I have,” I think,
Admiring my rounded belly
Cross-hatched with scars
My double chins wobbling beneath a crooked grin.

I let myself go the moment I became a mother,
Making room in this body for squirming new life full of need and hunger.
Breasts swelling with milk,
Arms thick with a fierce love that could work all day
and hug, and reluctantly open wide to let those babies go
To a life no longer my own.

I let myself go
To swallow your secrets,
Tucking them next to my heart
To keep them safe,
To keep you safe,
Making room for the pain
And joy
Of loving you

Giggling at the wobbly bits
I let my Self go
To become bigger, wilder, fiercer,
And more loving
Than I ever imagined this fragile bit of flesh, this wisp of spirit, could be.

--Sarah Gowan 9/2/17


Unknown said...

Amen.Nice, Sarah!

Linda Riley said...

well said - just keep on letting go, is what I say!

Acoustic Bob said...