Friday, January 11, 2013

Lady Business Rant of the Day - Bra Shopping

I HATE shopping for bras because
1) Sizing is inconsistent from brand to brand
2) It doesn't really matter because no one carries my size
3) On the off chance the store has my size, it's invariably in the back of the bottom rack
4) so I end up rummaging around in a pile of underwear on my hands and knees
5) and if that wasn't humiliating enough
6) there is the whole issue of the unforgiving dressing room lighting.
7) Also they put too many bras on each rack, so every time I move I knock something down
7) and it was about 90˚ in the store so I was sweating and swearing and knocking crap over
8) right in the middle of the Oh-so-delicately named "Intimates" Department
9) so by the time the store announcer with the most remarkably nasal voice made her 6th announcement for sportswear I was
10) morphing into Psycho Shopper from Hell and reconsidering my commitment to non-violence.
11) I got some nice cookie sheets, though.


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