Monday, March 25, 2013

About My Lady Business: Picture Day

I go in for my 3 month Lady Cancer check-up and darling doctor J sees that I'm due for a mammogram. He says he also wants to do a manual breast exam. Fine. Whatever. I've been getting these since I was a teenager and it's no big deal. Thankfully there was also a female nurse and a female resident in the room when this slightly surreal conversation happened:      I'm laying there with one hand flung over my head wondering if my deodorant was holding up or (worse) if it was forming unsightly little pit pills, when he says,

Doc: "You know," [push poke push], "they are no longer recommending manual breast exams. Just mammograms." [mush poke] 

Me: "Really?

Doc: "Not even self exams. Other side"

Me: "Then why are you still doing them?"

Doc: [sigh/headdrop] "I don't know." [poke push]

Me: "And yet you're still touching my boob..."

Where I parked
So today I go for my mammogram at my local hospital. After dealing with two hospitals in the last year, I tend to forget things like where I parked so I've learned to take a picture of my parking level.  Today was M3.

The place I go is very nice with real cloth gowns, nice dressing rooms with forgiving lighting and even a cappuccino machine.

Stylin' in the cloth gown!

Disney Princess dressing rooms!


I think grown-up should get merit badges too.
Today was my 10th mammogram!

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