Saturday, May 26, 2012

It Takes a Village to Kick Cancer's Ass (page 2)

 The gift that took my breath away was a community quilt designed and constructed by my dancing friends in under two months! It was brought over two days after my surgery and I've barely been able to take my eyes off of it.

A quilt is an incredibly powerful and transformative gift – a tangible reminder of how we love and care for each other. Every square speaks to me of the dazzling community we have built together; each unique piece blending to a swirl of comforting color and light. Every scrap represents a moment we have shared. Every stitch a healing thought, a prayer, an intention of good things to come, not only from the quilters themselves, but from all of my friends, family and extended community.

Two extras made this gift even more special. The first was that Rachel Winslow photographed each quilter with their piece and sent me the photos:

The second was the nod to this blog when the name block on the back was framed by Flip-flop fabric. It made me laugh a lot!

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